About us

We are a transportation broker from Greater Toronto. Our company established in 2018 however we have worked over 20 years in managing physical logistics for many clients. 

As a company we take care of our customers, employees, vendors and the environment 

We treat our customers’ business as our own and take care of details of every bits and pieces


We believe every shipment is unique and deserves same special care, so we do not take things as granted and offer same protective measures! We provide visibility as required by the client we do not clog their emails with updates that are not important!

We pay our carriers fastest and never ask any discounts, not even a penny (phased out in 2013!). Our carriers love us!

Some clients want us to be an extension of their logistics department and we perform same. Our work frees up personnel, time and cost therefore clients can focus on sales, forecasting, demand management, customer service etc.

We become excited by every successful delivery and feel accomplished! A perfect order is possible by the hard work of suppliers, importers, warehouses, carriers and a bit of coordination from Logistics Helper Inc!

Please call/email us for any opportunity that you would like to discuss!

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